RBR Roadbook

A software for Richard Burns Rally
for making Recce and writing pacenotes
Download latest installer:

(Reload the website if the download link has expired)

System Requirements:
Windows 10 or later,
Getting Started Part 1 - Installation and writing notes [ENG]
Getting Started Part 2 - OBS Setup, Recce Recording and Audios Markers [ENG]
Getting Started Part 3 - Recce with VR-Headsets, Configuration and Recording [ENG]
Walkthrough and Recce by Janne Laahanen [ENG]
Tutorial by Molda22 [CZE]
Tutorial by BlauGregg [FRE]
Tutorial by Echedei Benitez [SPA]

Visit the Discord server for further instructions, questions or issues.
To install and run Richard Burns Rally with RSF go to RallySimFans
To record your own Recce you can get OBS here
Special thanks to all contributors of the Recce campaign: Luis Carreiro, TAABELI, DG301, AleksiP, Kringel, Luppis, DDT, Fabz, H. Rampanen, Janne Laahanen, Jason Murphy, Kuperis, Mikro, SpadoKln, Svensik, T6, Thelc, tobier, Hatchet, Owen Morgan, Thom B, Shakey-Deal, N1nf, Liam Berg.

Special thanks to the supporters of this project: mika-n, Janne Laahanen, Shakey-Deal, Joonas Lönn, Fabz, Thelc.

And a very special thanks to the almighty WorkerBee for everything you did for RBR!